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Post-Divorce Mediation Maple Wood, Minnesota

civil mediation divorce mediation Sep 27, 2021
Post-Divorce Mediation Maple Wood, Minnesota

Post-divorce mediation can be just as important and necessary as mediation during the divorce process. When you share your life during your marriage, it is impossible to think that all loose ends can be tied up when you sign divorce papers. You may remain connected because of children you share, property or other financial issues. Post-divorce mediation allows you to solve problems and issues that arise after your divorce is final, so that you do not have to go to court to make necessary changes. Lesa Koski has the training, experience, and offers post-divorce mediation for divorced couples who need it.

Post-Divorce Mediation Maple Wood, Minnesota

Lesa Koski understands that finalizing your divorce does not necessarily mean that your need for mediation goes away. Lesa is an expert in divorce mediation and post-divorce mediation. If you need help working through an issue with your former spouse, you can count on Lesa Koski to offer you the benefit of her experience before, during, and after your divorce.

Resolving Issues with Your Former Spouse

Couples who have recently divorced may believe that there will be no further conflict between them once the ink has dried on their divorce papers. But many divorced people find that there are multiple causes for continued communication, such as parenting issues or ongoing financial concerns. These issues can result in conflict and necessary changes to the terms of a divorce. The most common post-divorce issues are related to parenting. Children are almost always innocent recipients of the stresses of divorce, and mediation can be especially helpful if you and your former spouse are struggling with parenting concerns, a potential change to a custody agreement or child support payments.

Benefits of Post-Divorce Mediation

Divorce can cause us to feel an unfamiliar kind of vulnerability. Moreover, it can produce strong emotions. Divorce can be extremely stressful and upsetting, and stress and upset are not bound by the calendar. In other words, you can feel the stress of your relationship long after the divorce has been finalized. When reality intrudes on our lives and we find that our marriage is coming to an end, our emotional response can be one of grieving. When we lose something in which we have made a significant investment, grief is a common response. If your divorce becomes final, your relationship may not come to an immediate end. Lesa Koski can help you and your former spouse make progress toward a healthier relationship so you can both move forward.

Lesa Koski provides insight when you need it, but perhaps most important is her ability to inspire you to find the insight that exists in you. The pain and stress of divorce may not feel temporary. Working with a mediator such as Lesa Koski post-divorce can help you regain confidence in your resiliency. You can contact Lesa by calling 651-214-5057, or emailing [email protected]

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