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Post-Divorce Mediation Service

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Post-Divorce Mediation Service

Lesa Koski understands that the finalizing of your divorce does not necessarily mean that your need for mediation ends. She is an expert in divorce mediation, and focuses on helping couples both during and after divorce. If you live in the Stillwater, MN area and need help working through an issue with your former spouse, you can count on Lesa to use her experience and expertise before, during, and after your divorce.

Mediation Support after A Divorce

A good mediator will inspire your confidence, respect and trust in any number of ways, and in that regard, Lesa Koski proves herself to be an outstanding mediator. Couples who have completed the divorce process may come to believe that their problems are over as a result. But many divorced people find that the various needs for continued communication result in similar conflict like when they were married. Parenting issues are likely the most common need for divorced people to remain in contact post-divorce. If you need to solve an existing problem or conflict, Lesa can help you.

Divorce tends to make us feel extremely vulnerable. It can also produce extreme emotions, regardless of sex, gender, or the roles we’ve been taught to play in our identities. Divorce can be extremely stressful and upsetting. Our beliefs about marriage often derive from unrealistic expectations about everlasting love, soul mates, and other notions that get tripped up by reality. When reality intrudes our lives and we find that our marriage is coming to an end, our emotional response is often akin to the grief we feel when a loved-one dies. So, if your divorce becomes final, but your relationship does not, consider contacting Lesa Koski to help you and your former spouse make progress toward a healthier relationship for your entire family so you can all move forward.

Common issues tackled in post-divorce mediation include:

● Changes to a custody arrangement or parenting plan;
● Relocation or new job for one ex-spouse that impacts financial arrangement;
● Disagreements about a child’s education, religion, discipline or health care.

Experienced Mediator Stillwater

Lesa Koski provides insight when you need it, but perhaps most important is her ability to inspire you to find the insight that exists in you. Lesa can help you through your divorce or after your divorce is finalized. Contact her by email ([email protected]) or by phone (651-214-5057) and she will be happy to offer you an initial consultation to see if she’s a good fit for your circumstances.

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