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Post-Divorce Mediation Services MN & WI

divorce mediation family law family mediation mediated divorce Jan 27, 2017
Post-Divorce Mediation Services MN & WI

Lesa Koski specializes in divorce mediation, and has earned a reputation as a strong advocate who cares about the long-term well-being of the people she serves. Her practice serves those in eastern metro Minnesota all the way to western Wisconsin. At a minimum, a good mediator will help reduce the level of conflict that exist between the members of a divorcing couple and help them find compromise. Lesa does this by listening intently, displaying empathy and showing compassion to each of her clients.

Any number of things can help us feel confidence in the competency of a professional mediator, but when the stakes are as high as they are in and after most divorces, the mediator who empathizes with our experience allows us to feel more comfortable in the vulnerability that we feel, and addressing vulnerability allows us to create strategies to overcome it.

Improving Communication And Finding Ways To Compromise

When your divorce is final, you may feel a sense of relief and hope that most of the conflict between you and your ex-spouse is behind you. However, in many cases, especially when there are children involved, situations can change after a divorce that require additional communication and negotiation. Lesa can help you navigate any additional issues that come up after a divorce is final, including changes in custody arrangements, financial issues, and even issues related to a pending move by one of the parties. Lesa will listen carefully to you and your perspective and work tirelessly to find common ground between you and your ex-spouse so that you can continue the process of moving forward in a positive direction in your life. She will help you and your former partner communicate clearly and find ways to compromise so that everyone in your family can move forward and heal.

Move Forward After Your Divorce

If your divorce is already final but you still have lingering issues that seem to come up between you and your ex-spouse, Lesa can help. She is a practitioner of divorce mediation and can give you both objectivity and empathy which can help you find common ground. Objectivity forces a mediator to be honest and forthright with you, which helps you trust the accuracy of their message. And empathy allows you to recognize the truth of your mediator’s experience and commitment to your well-being. This is the essence of the service offered by Lesa Koski.

Her advocacy and unsurpassed professionalism all but guarantees that the objectivity and empathy that is so emblematic of Lesa Koski will translate to your being able to feel progress in the process of moving on with your life. Lesa Koski understands your emotional response to divorce, and honors it by seeing the process through to the end. Call 651-214-5057 to schedule an appointment.

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