Post-Divorce Mediation Woodbury

child custody divorce mediation mediation woodbury post-divorce mediation Nov 24, 2017
Post-Divorce Mediation Woodbury MN

Once you’ve gotten through your divorce, you’re finished, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, even the simplest divorces aren’t always the last word in a divorce. When circumstances change, when parents aren’t communicating well about their child’s needs, or when one or both parties wants to revise a part of their divorce agreement, post-divorce mediation is possible and encouraged to make the process easier. Just as divorce meditations can help make the divorce process low-conflict and cheaper than a courtroom divorce, post-divorce mediation can help divorced parents and non-parents work through post-divorce challenges with relative ease. If you need a Woodbury, MN post-divorce mediator, look no further than Lesa Koski, the Minnesota family law and mediation expert.

Revisiting Parenting Schedules

A common cause for post-divorce mediation is revising parenting schedules and visitation rights. If your divorce called for joint custody or allowed for visitation with your child on only specific days or times of year, your circumstances, or your former partner’s circumstances, may have changed enough to require a revised visiting and custody schedule. Whether it be because of a move to a new home, a new school district, changes in your relationship with your former partner, or otherwise, there’s always a way to make changes to the amount of time each parent spends with their children.

Confronting Parenting Problems in Post-Divorce Mediation

Often times, parents don’t agree on how to raise their children, and this is even more true following a divorce. In times when you and your parenting partner aren’t on the same page, or when you face specific parenting challenges that you can’t solve through communication on your own, parenting problems can be worked out in post-divorce mediation. You can make changes to child support requirements based on changes to your or your former partner’s income, you can change your parenting partner’s visitation rights to limit or permit greater access to your child, and more. Simply by communicating your challenges to a mediator can help relieve the stress of the problem from you and make sure it’s being handled fairly and legally by a professional so that every decision is made in writing.

Revising Spousal Maintenance Agreements After Divorce

Although many post-divorce issues are related to children, this isn’t always the case. In some instances, spousal maintenance can become an issue that cannot be resolved just through communication because of what a divorce agreement stipulates. If financial circumstances change for one or more parties after a divorce, it makes sense that a spousal maintenance agreement – particularly an indefinite agreement – would be altered based on these changes. To make sure you are receiving or providing a fair amount of spousal maintenance, to increase or decrease spousal maintenance, or to change the type of spousal maintenance in your divorce agreement, seek the help of a mediator.

Whatever issues you’re facing after your divorce, Lesa Koski can help. Her experience as a post-divorce mediator in Woodbury, Minnesota can help you find solutions to your problems, whether they’re related to financial support, child visitation changes, or otherwise. Contact her at (651) 214-5057 or [email protected], and find out how she can help make changes to your divorce agreement.

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