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Prenuptial Agreement Considerations

child custody divorce mediation Sep 03, 2018
Prenuptial Agreement Considerations

Engaged couples have a lot to think about when planning for their upcoming wedding and life as a married couple. One of the topics that many couples find difficult to approach is whether or not to sign a prenuptial agreement before repeating wedding vows in front of family and friends. Prenuptials are becoming more common for millennials in particular. Couples often work on a prenup agreement as a team in order to prevent resentment or a misunderstanding that could begin the marriage on the wrong foot. This where the services of respected Family Law Attorney, Lesa Koski can be greatly appreciated. Lesa strives to assist couples in a way that fosters a strong marital bond as well as protects the interests of each spouse in the future.

Increase in Prenups for Millennials

A large number of millennials have grown up in a divorced home or have been previously divorced themselves. This is just one of the reasons that more couples in this generation are choosing to have a legal prenuptial document drawn up before walking down the aisle. Previous generations sometimes regarded a prenup as a less than ideal way to start off a marriage but later ended up with resentment or financial hardship if the marriage ended in divorce.

Other factors leading to an uptick in millennial prenuptials is due to individuals who are getting married at a later stage in life. Many couples put off marriage until after they have been successful in a career or have accumulated more personal belongings. Educated and business savvy individuals can often set emotions aside and see a pre-marital financial agreement as a realistic business transaction.

Why Sign a Prenuptial Agreement?

Discussing a prenuptial agreement before getting engaged can reduce the chances of hurt feelings or distrust in the relationship. Beginning an engagement with the clear understanding that a marriage is not only a romantic relationship, it is also a legal and financial merger with your partner, is a smart way to start. Why should you sign a prenuptial agreement?

  • One or both partners own a property
  • Large amounts of debt
  • Significant financial assets
  • A business is involved
  • Protect your independence
  • Complicated financial situation
  • Retirement accounts or pensions are involved
  • You or your spouse have a child from a previous relationship
  • Somebody wants to take time off from work to raise a child, go back to school or to change profession

Respected Family Law Attorney

Being a family lawyer for more than 15 years can sometimes be a blessing when helping an engaged couple begin their marriage on solid footing. Having a prenup in place can allow each spouse to enter into the relationship knowing that everything that they worked for prior to the wedding is protected. As a respected family law attorney, Lesa Koski provides legal help for working through the complexities of joining two lives in matrimony.

If you would like help with a prenuptial agreement, contact Lesa Koski at (651) 214-5057.

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