Spousal Maintenance Mediator Woodbury

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Spousal Maintenance Mediator Woodbury

Divorce isn’t just painful, it can be a tricky, expensive and drawn-out process if you don’t approach the process with an open mind and a solid strategy for making it as painless as possible. For many divorcing couples, a courtroom divorce isn’t the preferred method of divorce; instead, many couples would rather go through divorce mediation to settle all of their divorce issues quickly and with as little conflict as possible. Especially when facing issues like spousal maintenance, or alimony, you’ll likely want to go through the divorce process quickly and make sure every decision made is fair to both parties. A spousal maintenance mediation specialist can help with this. Lesa Koski is just such a specialist, helping couples in Woodbury and Stillwater, Minnesota, and Hudson, Wisconsin, ensuring divorcing couples in Eastern Minnesota and Western Wisconsin have access to the mediation help they deserve.

Types of Spousal Maintenance

There are two types of spousal maintenance you should be aware of when considering whether to work with a spousal maintenance mediator. These are temporary spousal maintenance and indefinite spousal maintenance. It’s important to note that indefinite does not mean permanent. Essentially, temporary alimony is financial support that will be provided up until a specifically determined date. This date is decided during divorce mediation with a specific goal in mind. Indefinite alimony agreements would be decided mainly in instances when the end of spousal support would be contingent upon financial circumstances changes for one or more parties in a divorce. A mediator can help you better understand the difference between the two in person and help you understand why your divorce might require you to pay one type of alimony or another.

What Determines Spousal Maintenance Amounts?

There are several factors that determine the amount of spousal maintenance that will be paid either indefinitely or within a set amount of time. These include:

• Length of the marriage
• Salary or earnings of both partners
• Age of each partner and prospective future earnings
• Health of each partner and their ability to afford any health-related costs without the financial support of their partner
• Lifestyle of each party
• Value of property division
• Other unique circumstances that could have contributed to one party being more financially independent than the other

Benefits of Spousal Maintenance Mediation

Why should you seek help from a spousal maintenance mediator? Although every part of a divorce can be a challenge, determining alimony can be one of the messiest and challenging aspects for certain divorcing couples. If you already know how you’ll fairly divide your property, it can still be difficult to understand how alimony is determined if you’re not a professional mediation and divorce specialist. Lesa Koski helps people just like you work through the challenges of divorce by providing spousal maintenance mediation in in Eastern Minnesota and Western Wisconsin, including in Woodbury and Stillwater, MN, and Hudson, WI. Contact her today at (651) 214-5057 or [email protected], and get the support you need.

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