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Step Parent Adoption

child custody co-parenting family law family mediation Jan 13, 2018
Step Parent Adoption Woodbury, MN

Lesa Koski of Koski Law & Mediation, PLLC serving Woodbury, MN and the surrounding area finds that Step Parent Adoptions play a vital role in her Family Law practice. “It is a great area to work in because people are excited to legally keep their family together. I love getting to know the children involved. It is a happy, feel good area to practice in”. Before a child may be adopted by a stepparent, the child must be available to be adopted. When there is consent from the other birth parent the adoption is a very smooth process. Step parent adoptions are much less complicated than the standard adoption procedure. Before a couple Petitions the state for a step parent adoption they must either obtain consent for the adoption from the other birth parent; or there must be a termination of parental rights.

Adoptions involving Indian children are more complex than those involving non-Indian children. It is very important to contact an attorney in these circumstances.

Teen Age Child Consent

If the child is age 14 or older, that child must provide written consent to the adoption. If you child is the subject of a child in need of protection services (CHIPS) proceeding, the Court may not be able to immediately decide your request for stepparent adoption.

Birth Parent No Contact

Family Law Attorney and Mediator, Lesa Koski of Woodbury, MN finds: Most parents who want to pursue a step parent adoption have a birth parent who has had little or no contact with the child. They often tell me, “We just want to sever all ties with this person.” This is one way the adoption can take place as long as the birth parent consents. If the parties wish, they may also file an agreement called a Communication Consent. This would allow continued communication between the birth parent and the child.

Birth Parent Notice

When a birth parent is given Notice of Intent to Consent to an adoption they have 60 days to either consent or object. If the birth parent does not respond it is deemed to be irrevocably consented to.

A Step Parent Adoption is a simpler process and less costly than a regular adoption for several reasons. One is the simple fact that a home study does not need to be completed. Petitioners may also waive the post-placement report. A background check and finger prints for all adults over the age of 18 living in the home, will still need to be completed.

If your family is ready to come full circle and complete a Step Parent Adoption please contact Family Law Attorney and Mediator Lesa A Koski of Koski Law & Mediation serving Woodbury, MN and the surrounding area. Koski Law & Mediation looks forwarded to helping you and your family.

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