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Stillwater / Woodbury Divorce Mediator Attorney LESA KOSKI

divorce mediation family law family mediation Jul 26, 2016
Stillwater / Woodbury Divorce Mediator Attorney LESA KOSKI

Being a licensed attorney and Divorce Mediator is optimal. Lesa Koski who serves the Woodbury/Stillwater area is both a Divorce Mediator and Attorney. This makes the filing process less complicated for divorcing clients. Whether clients prefer to file on their own or utilize an attorney; having a well-put together divorce agreement is essential.

Although divorce mediation is fairly non-confrontational; the final divorce still must be filed with the court. A divorce mediation agreement should only deviate from the law under certain circumstances.

When divorce mediator Lesa Koski works with couples on their divorce agreement she is very clear she is not acting as an attorney. There are often other key experts that come into play during the drafting process. And many times outside attorneys are called to give clients legal advice.

Lesa Koski offers one free consultation to help clients understand family mediation. This initial consultation helps inform couples if family mediation is an option they can utilize. Often one party would like to mediate and the other would not. In the beginning of a divorce it is a voluntary option; both parties must agree to mediate. It is essential that each person is willing to pursue the agreement respectfully and through mediation.

Mediation is also used post divorce. Many decrees state that if something in the agreement has changed (or needs to be changed) the couples need to first use a mediator to see if they can come to an agreement on their own. If this is the case then both parties must participate in mediation.

If you are in a situation post divorce, where one party is not following the divorce agreement, or unwilling to participate in mediation; you may be interested in divorce counseling. These are situations where family law attorneys are utilized.

If you have questions and are thinking you may need a divorce mediator or divorce counselor, please contact Lesa Koski Attorney and Divorce Mediator. Lesa ‘s office overlooks the beautiful St. Croix River in Bayport, MN.

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