Four Simple Tools to Help you Deal with Triggers when Co-Parenting Through Your Minnesota Divorce and Beyond

children and divorce co-parenting communication divorce Oct 10, 2022
Tools to help with co-parenting through Minnesota divorce

If you're currently working through a divorce in Minnesota, you may have experienced triggers with your ex-spouse when it comes to co-parenting. Remember just because your ex was not a good partner doesn't mean he/she is not a good parent.  Children thrive when their parents work together. Very Well Family Article.  Be a parenting team, put your issues with the other parent aside and focus on your children.  


  1.  If you are very triggered by your ex try this: set your phone up so that when your ex calls or texts their name does not appear.  Maybe use the contact Co-Parent and or have a picture of your kiddos pop up.  This will help remind you to focus on your child. 
  2. If an action your ex takes during their parenting time triggers you, ask yourself, “Would I get mad at Grandma if she did this?”  Example eating donuts for breakfast.  Weigh the idea and look at whether more harm will be caused to your child fighting with the other parent; or eating a donut.
  3. Take care of yourself.  Yes you do need to put your children’s needs first.  One of those needs is having a happy functioning parent.  Your kids need you to be a healthy example and have the energy to help them grow and flourish.
  4. Have an amazing parenting plan in place.  This allows you to work through how you want to handle many aspects of your co-parenting.  You can look back on it when issues arise. And a good one will include a plan to help you maneuver as things change in your child’s life.  Check my online parenting plan course out here!


It is imperative that you keep your kids out of adult issues.  I know it can be hard; however, kids should not be burdened with their parents' relationship problems.  Keep them in the center of your care and focus and out of your relationship loop issues.

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