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Top 5 Ways that civil mediation can help you

civil mediation divorce mediation May 24, 2019
Civil Mediation in Woodbury, MN

Lesa Koski is a certified civil mediator in MN who can help you resolve a legal issue that has come up between you and another person or a company so that you do not have to go to court. Lesa acts as a neutral third party and will facilitate a positive and productive discussion about the issues at hand and will create a forum where compromise and open dialogue can be reached. Lesa specializes in Civil Mediation in MN, because she genuinely wants to help people find solutions to the issues they are struggling with. There are many benefits to using civil mediation.

Top 5 ways that civil mediation can help you:

  1. Mediation is less expensive than litigation: Going to trial can cost you a significant amount of money. Civil cases can often be settled without ever walking into a courtroom, saving you thousands of dollars.
  2. Mediation takes less time than litigation: You have a lot on your plate and a civil case can take months (or longer) to get through the courts. Civil mediation can be scheduled and even completed in one day, allowing both parties to move forward more quickly. A faster outcome is good for all involved.
  3. Mediation allows you to maintain control: When you go to trial, you put your hands in the hands of a judge. Mediation allows you to be an active part of the settlement process, and lets you provide your input on how you think that the issues can be best resolved.
  4. Mediation is more convenient: Rather than relying on the courts to determine when they will hear your case, mediation gives you the power to set a time for your mediation session that is convenient for both parties.
  5. Confidentiality can be maintained: Taking a case to trial is not always confidential but mediation protects your confidentiality.

Trained Minnesota Civil Mediator

Lesa Koski’s Minnesota civil mediation services allow you to find resolution to your legal issue, quickly with less stress and financial strain than a court battle. As your mediator, Lesa will not make decisions for you but will provide a forum that encourages open dialogue and compromise. You can reach a fair and reasonable solution when you use mediation. In addition to being a trained civil mediator, Lesa is also an attorney, so she knows Minnesota law and can use that knowledge to help you. For more information about Lesa Koski’s civil mediation services in Minnesota, call her at 651-214-5057.

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