The Unexpected Joy of Heartbreak Through Your MN Divorce

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Unexpected Joy through heartbreak of MN divorce

Receiving advice on different perspectives regarding difficult situations can always feel like a breath of fresh air. I hope our listeners get that after listening to this week's podcast with award-winning U.K. comedian, author, and podcaster, Rosie Wilby. Rosie discusses the opportunities people can welcome through a breakup and how they can find joy after heartbreak. She also talks about divorce as an opportunity; sometimes, there is a positive reason behind your MN divorce, and spouses can end a marriage amicably. 


There are empowering lessons that can come to the end of a relationship chapter. Marriage and relationships get busy, and sometimes dreams get forgotten. Intertwining your life with someone else can steer you away from where you wanted your life to go. You may uncover that dream you had as a young child and decide to act toward it once you distance yourself from the relationship. Or you potentially find a long-lost hobby you forgot you enjoyed so much. The ending of a marriage or a breakup can create opportunities for reflection, growth and be a real catalyst for positive change. 


Experiencing heartbreak when it is not your decision or when you can’t immediately see the opportunities is hard. It hurts and can be incredibly painful. However, choosing how you will handle the pain is something you can take into your own hands. This is a great time to find an uplifting support person or therapist who can help you get through the thick of it. Use this time as an opportunity for healing and to understand what you want in your next relationship by asking the following questions:


  1. What qualities are essential to find in your next partner?
  2. What qualities are a definite “no-go” in your next relationship?
  3. How could you do things differently in a future partnership?
  4. What do you need to heal to give your next relationship the attention it deserves?


Sometimes a breakup isn’t a negative thing at all; it can be beautiful! Sometimes, two people drift apart and decide that they want something different in life. Society has a toxic view of divorce because marriage is supposed to last forever. Let’s normalize that a divorce is not a failure and that people can separate in a really healthy, positive, and mature way. Not all relationships are meant to last forever, and that is OK!


Creating positive, amicable divorce experiences is always my goal through divorce mediation. If you seek support while going through the process, please reach out so I can help with your Minnesota Divorce. 


Grab Rosie’s book The Breakup Monologues today to hear her journey through various heartbreak situations and how she came out stronger on the other side. 

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