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Why Choose Family and Divorce Mediation

divorce mediation family law family mediation Jul 13, 2016
Why Choose Family and Divorce Mediation Minnesota

Family and Divorce Mediation is a non-confrontational way to go through something very confrontational.  When mediation is complete clients feel a sense of relief.  They often tell me, “That was so much better than I thought it was going to be.”  This is music to any mediator’s ears.

Divorce Mediation

Couples must be dedicated to working together to come up with a fair plan.  This plan is called a Memorandum of Agreement and is the first step in the process of the divorce filing paperwork.  However before a plan can be implemented couples interested in family and divorce mediation must work together through their mediator.

At the initial meeting Lesa Koski will explain the mediation process and what the couple can expect to work through during the mediation process.   Usually couples will need to come up with a plan to divide marital property and investigate any maintenance needs.  When minor children are involved an in-depth parenting plan is also produced.  The initial family and divorce mediation is used to identify if the couple would like to work with Lesa Koski; as well as, if it is the optimal option for each particular couple.

Divorce Mediator MN

Once the couple decides to move forward they are given questionnaires to fill out and return to Lesa Koski before their next scheduled meeting.  The second meeting is a working meeting.  The family and divorce mediator will lead communication.  The plan is created by the couple and belongs to the couple.

These working meetings take place in Bayport, MN (near Woodbury, Stillwater and Hudson) on the beautiful St. Croix River.  Couples will work in a peaceful environment over looking the river.  These individual meetings take a maximum of 2 hours with a total of 2 to 3 meetings.

Please contact Lesa A Koski at 651-214-5057 if you think divorce mediation could work for you.  Lesa Koski is a Rule 114 qualified mediator, skilled communicator and trustworthy advisor.  She serves: Hudson, WI; Afton, Woodbury, Bayport and Stillwater.

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