Woodbury Family Law Attorney in Minnesota

child custody co-parenting Mar 27, 2019
Woodbury Family Law Attorney in Minnesota

Family law is an area of law that focuses on family and children. Common practice areas include divorce, annulment, child custody, visitation rights, child support payments, as well as spousal support (also known as alimony). Lesa Koski is an experienced family lawyer serving the community of Woodbury, Minnesota, who can help you and your family sort out the legal issues that you face. Lesa combines empathy, creativity and compassion with her extensive professional knowledge to help your family navigate issues such as divorce, child custody, and child and spousal support.

Legal issues related to your family surely bring up many emotions for you. Your family is the most important thing in your life and protecting it is likely your number one priority. When emotions are high, it can be extremely difficult to find solutions and areas of compromise on your own. This is where Lesa Koski comes in. Lesa understands the common dynamics within families and lends her strong listening and communication skills to your unique situation.

Family Law Attorney or Mediator?

Lesa is a licensed family lawyer who can represent you with the court as you work to settle issues related to your divorce, the end of your relationship or as you determine the best possible parenting plan (custody agreement) for your children. In this role, Lesa recognizes that very often it is best for all involved in family law cases to stay out of a court battle. If it possible to settle issues without a costly and lengthy court battle, Lesa will be your strongest legal advocate. And, if a court battle is the only option, she will provide the best possible representation.

In other family law cases, mediation can help facilitate solutions in family law cases. Lesa Koski is also a trained mediator and she can lead mediation sessions with family members to work collaboratively to solve complex issues. Mediation can be less expensive and take less time than proceeding through the courts. It is important to note that Lesa cannot serve as your family lawyer and your mediator for the same case. You can choose the role that works best for your individual issues.

Experienced Woodbury, MN Family Law Practice

Family law cases are unique and require compassion and creativity to find solutions that work best for all involved. Lesa believes that her background and experience put her in a great position to help families in the Woodbury area solve their legal issues. For more information about Lesa’s family law services, call her directly at 651-214-5057 to schedule a free consultation.

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