Saddle Up Segment You May Be Able to Divorce Better!

In this episode, Lesa Koski, a family law attorney and mediator, hosts a conversation about managing divorce effectively. She emphasizes the importance of education about divorce laws and procedures, recommending divorce mediation and collaborative law as potential paths. Lesa warns about situations involving power imbalances or abuse, advising such individuals to consult an attorney. She also highlights the importance of being well-informed and less naive in navigating divorce, especially considering the legal binding nature of marriage. Guest Paulette Rigaud, founder of Better Divorce Academy, shares her challenging divorce experience that lasted eight years. Lisa finishes by encouraging listeners to consider consulting a divorce coach to gain insights into navigating a divorce efficiently.

00:01 Introduction to the Show

00:24 Saddle Up Segment: Discussing Divorce

01:32 Understanding Divorce Laws

02:09 Considering Collaborative Divorce

03:03 The Importance of Agreement in Divorce

03:49 Learning from Past Divorce Experiences

04:34 The Legal Implications of Marriage

05:24 The Role of a Divorce Coach

06:00 Conclusion and Farewell

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