Better Divorce Insights from Paulette Rigo

Lesa Koski and guest Paulette Rigo, founder of Better Divorce Academy, dive deep into the topic of handling divorce in a better way. Paulette explains her personal experience, which led her to the creation of her academy. She emphasizes the importance of being prepared, understanding the daunting divorce process, and breaking it down into manageable steps. Paulette also discusses the impact of divorce on productivity in the workplace, leading her to also work with companies through Divorce Right Inc. to proactively manage this. The conversation concludes with the encouragement to approach problems by looking at the big picture and breaking it down into bite-sized pieces. 

00:00 Introduction and Guest Presentation

00:19 Getting to Know Paulette Rigo

01:36 Paulette's Journey to Divorce Coaching

02:23 Paulette's Personal Divorce Story

04:47 The Impact of Divorce on Personal Life

05:56 The Importance of Divorce Coaching

21:10 The Role of Divorce Coaches in the Corporate World

24:59 Final Thoughts and Advice