Saddle Up Segment The Power of Self-Reflection in Divorce

In this episode of "Doing Divorce Different," Attorney turned Mediator, Lesa Koski, shares her insights and advice on how to alleviate the fear of divorce and heal through empowerment. She emphasizes the importance of working on oneself before making the decision to divorce, and how this can positively impact the relationship dynamics. Lesa also shares personal anecdotes and lessons learned from her own marriage, highlighting the transformative power of self-love and setting boundaries. Tune in to discover valuable tips and resources for navigating the divorce process in a better way.

- Episode Highlights:

- Introduction to "Doing Divorce Different" and the host, Lisa Kosky.

- The significance of working on oneself before contemplating divorce.

- How personal growth and self-love can positively impact the marriage.

- Personal experiences and lessons learned from Lisa's own marriage.

- The transformative power of changing one's mindset and embracing self-care.

- Exploring resources like books, podcasts, and coaches to support personal growth.

- Practical tips for changing negative thought patterns and beliefs.

- Invitation to a workshop on the seven dilemmas women face in divorce, taking place on April 25th and emphasizing self-care and community.

- Encouragement to connect with Lesa Koski for further support and sign up for the newsletter.

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