The Power of Collaboration in Divorce

In this podcast episode, Lucia Ramirez Levias, a collaborative law attorney, shares her personal journey that led her towards a career of helping people work together instead of fighting it out in court. Graduating with an aim to do immigration law, she found a niche in family law, which she ultimately blended with her experience in youth development work before law school. With collaborative divorce, Lucia discusses how it fosters a peaceful and durable settlement that mitigates the negative impacts on children, unlike traditional litigation. She emphasizes the role of a professional team consisting of collaborative attorneys and a divorce coach. While acknowledging that power dynamics and domestic violence issues can prevent engagement in collaborative law, Lucia still sees potential for its effectiveness in some power imbalance situations. Lucia advises listeners to consider their high-end goals to guide them during the divorce process.

00:00 Introduction and Guest Presentation

00:46 Lucia's Journey to Becoming a Collaborative Law Attorney

03:33 The Impact of Traditional Family Law and Transition to Collaborative Divorce

05:32 Understanding Collaborative Law

09:42 The Role of a Divorce Coach in Collaborative Law

11:09 Personal Experiences with Divorce

16:15 When Collaborative Law Might Not Be the Best Option

20:06 The Difference Between Collaborative Law and Litigation

24:36 Final Thoughts and Key Takeaways

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