Conquering Loneliness After Divorce

Navigating Loneliness in Relationships

In this podcast episode, host Lesa Koski takes on the topic of navigating loneliness with the help of guest and family therapist, Brian Burns. They discuss how loneliness can be a fundamental issue in marriage and relationships, often motivating individuals to avoid divorce out of fear of isolation. Brian offers insights on tackling loneliness by practicing outward-focused interactions, self-awareness, and open communication, emphasizing that individuals should focus on their feelings when attempting to communicate their loneliness to a partner. Brian also advocates for couples to seek therapy and emphasizes that the process is about working on oneself in front of their partner.

00:00 Introduction and Guest Introduction

00:20 Discussing Loneliness and Its Impact

00:55 Guest's Podcast and Its Themes

01:35 Exploring the Topic of Sex and Communication

03:00 Diving into the Feelings of Loneliness

03:43 The Fear of Loneliness in Divorce

04:39 Loneliness as a State of Mind

05:24 The Societal Impact of Loneliness

06:14 Strategies to Combat Loneliness

07:02 The Role of Communication in Addressing Loneliness

07:33 The Power of Small Interactions

01:34 The Importance of Self-Reflection in Understanding Loneliness

11:25 The Role of Alcohol in Social Interactions

11:51 The Power of Texting in Building Connections

13:54 The Role of Mindset in Addressing Loneliness

18:43 The Importance of Honesty in Relationships

24:30 The Role of Marriage Counseling in Addressing Loneliness

28:36 Conclusion and Guest's Contact Information

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