Divorce Dilemmas Unveiled

Across all the mediation meetings I have had, there seem to be seven common dilemmas that come up. I have teamed up with my coach, Tracy Pleschourt, to put together a half-day workshop to empower women to suffer less while going through divorce. During this episode, Tracy and I give a sneak peak into the seven dilemmas, and what we will cover regarding each one during the workshop. If you are local to the Minnesota area and looking for support, tune in to hear about this wonderful opportunity to not only work through common roadblocks, but also meet other incredible women who are on the same journey as you. 

In this episode:

  • [3:58] What is one of the top stories that Lesa’s clients face?
  • [7:28] Lesa discusses working through parenting concerns.
  • [9:44] Lesa shares about emotional impact and how it can impact your divorce journey.
  • [12:09] How can people handle the social stigma or the judgment around divorce?
  • [14:10] Lesa talks about how she will give legal information in the upcoming workshop. 
  • [15:08] A huge dilemma that comes up is loneliness in divorce, how do you manage it? 
  • [18:52] Tracy describes her program, Self Made U.

Key Takeaways: 

  • [10:18] When you leave your feelings in the dark, you can’t heal. Acknowledging those feelings and bringing them to the light is the first step to being able to heal and find clarity and opportunities for what you are experiencing.
  • [11:00] When you are operating from your prodigy brain, you are more likely to be able to look through the lens or find the perspective around gifts and opportunities. 
  • [17:00] Join Lesa and Tracy’s master class on April 25th from 9am-1pm in Minnesota to learn how to navigate the 7 most common dilemmas that Lesa has seen while being a divorce mediator. Learn strategies from both Lesa’s experience and Tracy’s coaching so you can better navigate the circumstances you are going through. 


[10:13] “Teaching the people at the workshop how to really feel them (feelings), because coach Tracy, you taught me that anything in the dark can’t heal. So when we try to fight those feelings or pretend we don’t have them or ignore them, they’re in the dark when we go “hello there fear, or anxiety, or whatever you are,” it comes to the light and that’s the first step in being able to heal.” - Lesa Koski

[12:52] “I think when you find yourself swimming in judgment, you have to decide to prioritize your well-being over societal opinions and stigma. You have to challenge the stigma by refusing to internalize those judgements. You have to be able to separate the fact from the fiction of how society views divorce, like leveraging empathy for yourself.” - Tracy Pleschourt

[15:42] “If loneliness is getting in the way of you being able to get through your day, then therapy is definitely the path that you want to pursue. If it’s just something that you’re starting to recognize, but you’re still able to get through your day, you’re still able to manage your day, then coaching is probably the right path for you to take.” - Tracy Pleschourt 

Guest Bio: 

Tracy Pleschourt, the Founder of Self-Made U helps men and women create Self-Made wealth and wellness through life coaching. Tracy has mastered and now teaches the critical skills necessary to manage your mind and overcome any obstacle, including overeating, over drinking, time management, career & relationship changes.

Just a few years ago, Tracy was a successful, advertising executive. Stifled by the rigorous, time-consuming demands of the corporate world, she traded in her 20 years of advertising to pursue her real passion: life & weight loss coaching.

Tracy is a student of her own work and has stopped overeating, overdrinking, and created a