The Emotional-Body Dance of Divorce

Regulating your nervous system is the number one thing you can do to handle difficult situations. Today, I have Sharri Freedman on who is a divorce, relationship and women’s empowerment coach. She talks about regulating your nervous system, and why it is so crucial while going through a difficult time such as divorce. She provides a great breathing exercise and talks about how she helps her clients with visualization so they know what direction they want to work towards. We discuss why it is necessary to be uncomfortable in order to change, and how to really become conscious with your everyday life. Tune in today for her incredible tips, I know you’ll learn something new! 

In this episode:

  • [2:35] Sharri tells her story of what led her to become a coach.
  • [7:54] How do you regulate the nervous system? 
  • [13:08] Sharri walks us through a breathing exercise to calm your nervous system. 
  • [15:17] How do you work through situations when the fear comes back?
  • [16:13] What is mind magic? 
  • [20:53] How can you get comfortable being uncomfortable? 
  • [24:40] Sharri shares her key takeaway she’d like listeners to start with. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • [5:33] All the mindset work in the world isn’t going to work if your body is not in sync. If you don’t feel safe inside your body, change is not going to happen. 
  • [12:48] If you can regulate your nervous system by releasing the feelings in a positive and empowering way, you won’t erupt like a volcano. You can be in the middle of mediation or the courtroom and talk through issues from a place of calmness and clarity instead of being reactive. 
  • [24:47] Divorce is painful and pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional. 


  • [8:15] “If you're in an unhappy marriage, or if you are in the process of divorce, or maybe you're already divorced, you have been living in fight, flight, or freeze for a very, very, very long time. And we're not meant to be in that state for long periods of time. It's meant to be quick, to get you out of danger and then go back to calm and peacefulness. But we're in this jacked up state that becomes our normal and it's not normal. It causes stress and pressure constriction and it leads to disease. You're not an even flow, which then leads to a lot of physical ailments, not just mental ailments, not just stress and depression and sadness, it also actually physically affects your body.” - Sharri Freedman
  • [10:55] “The key to all of it is: you have to learn to love and accept yourself, forgive yourself, and learn to date yourself before you start moving on to other relationships.” - Sharri Freedman
  • [18:47] “You have to love your fear, you have to love it. If you don’t love your fear, it’s going to sabotage you. It's going to prevent you from doing what you need to do. We don't want to push through it, instead it’s acknowledging the fear is there, saying hello fear, I see you there, I know you’re there to protect me, and I want to thank you for protecting me all those years when I needed you, but I don’t need the protection right now’.” - Sharri Freedman
  • [27:47] “Divorce is painful and pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.” - Sharri Freedman

Guest Bio: 

Sharri Freedman is a sought after relationship, divorce, and women’s empowerment coach liberating women from their old programming, their past wounds & their disempowered limiting beliefs so that they have instant clarity when it comes to marital decisions, parenting decisions, & career decisions. 

Her signature program LIBERATED featuring the Mind Magic® framework combines her 3 decades of experience as a divorce professional with neuroscience, thought work, somatics, & spirituality...