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5 Reasons for Civil Mediation

civil mediation divorce mediation Jun 30, 2019
5 Reasons for Civil Mediation Woodbury, MN

Before addressing the top 5 reasons for civil mediation, it’s important to work from a common definition of the term. Civil mediation is the process of assisting the parties to a civil lawsuit in reaching agreement and/or resolution by using a neutral third-party (the civil mediator) instead of allowing a judge to settle the suit. Please note that judges can sometimes also serve as mediators, but for our present purposes, civil mediation refers to highly trained and professional mediators. Lesa Koski is a trained, experienced and trusted civil mediator in Minnesota.

5 Reasons To Choose Civil Mediation

  1. Mediation costs less than court-based lawsuits. When you work within the court system, more often than not you will need to hire a lawyer, which tends to be expensive to begin with and only gets more expensive as billable hours accumulate. Mediators work directly with the disputants, which typically requires less time and therefore less money.
  2. Mediation is not only based in fairness and impartiality, it is also based on maintaining confidentiality. A civil mediator like Lesa Koski prioritizes creating an environment in which the outcomes of the process are centered on fairness. Her approach to working with disputants is to apply her expertise impartially. And in all cases, she will maintain the confidentiality of the people with whom she works. What is shared in Lesa Koski’s mediation sessions remains private and inaccessible to anyone not directly involved.
  3. Civil mediation encourages cooperation and problem-solving. If you are considering mediation, it is likely because you desire finding a solution to the dispute in which you are involved. Lesa Koski helps people in all different kinds and stages of conflict discover the common ground between them and works to help them resolve outstanding issues based on cooperating in the design of creative solutions.
  4. The civil mediation process involves you. Your ideas for resolution are central to the progress that can be made in the mediation process. When you and the party or parties with whom you are in dispute establish a sense of cooperation and a problem-solving approach, your investment in resolving the dispute fairly is strengthened. Your ideas are valued, and Lesa Koski is very good at helping her clients see the value of their contributions to the mediation process.
  5. Mediation is effective. Studies of mediation in general and of individual mediation services indicate great satisfaction among parties who seek civil mediation to resolve issues. Civil mediation empowers you to play a central role in the resolution process, and when you work with a civil mediator like Lesa Koski, your insights, experiences, perceptions, and ideas are highly valued.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about civil mediation, give Lesa a call at (651) 214-5057.

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