How Much Does a MN Divorce Cost and Why Divorce Mediation Can Save You So Much Money?

Aug 16, 2022
MN Divorce and Divorce Mediation Woodbury, MN

Divorce Mediation is much less costly than fighting things out in court. If you are thinking about Divorce in Woodbury, Minnesota(and the surrounding areas) you may be beginning to wonder about cost.  The average cost of Divorce according to Forbes is between 15,000 and 22,000.  And that is just the average case.  Cases that go to trial average $78,000.  I believe, more often than not, people can work together through the Divorce Process.  If you want to hear about my most difficult couple who came to agreement listen to me on the Divorce and Beyond Podcast (Your Favorite Guest Experts Share Their Most-Memorable Divorce Cases Part Two on Divorce and Beyond #249


My 30 minute free consultation allows potential clients to understand my process and alternatives.  This way we know before a dime is spent if divorce mediation could be right for you.  


Attorneys are very useful in your divorce proceeding.  Just not in the way that many have thought from the past.  That is why my mission is to help people change the divorce story and Do Divorce Different.  My clients take the MN Divorce forms that we work on together and have an attorney review the document.  This allows my clients to become aware of any redflags and obtain important advice.  Attorneys are also helpful with filing your Divorce forms and doing legal work like transferring titles to property or retirement accounts.  In some cases parties are so contentious they do need to have an attorney represent them. However, I have found  in most cases working with a skillful attorney turned mediator is the optimal solution.  


You save time and money by working together.  Attorney mediators can hold your hand through the process.  Many will walk you through all the necessary paperwork.   Attorney mediators are able to describe and explain the law to both of you.  They are trained professionals who will remain neutral allowing each party to be heard, assist in picking up on the important issues and finally helping you craft creative divorce forms that will hold up in court .  They will alert you to legalities involved in a divorce case; however, they will never advise you. 


In my practice I find that getting to the root of the issue and talking to clients together speeds things up.  When you are represented by attorneys things can get lost like in the game of telephone.  The attorney is speaking for you to the other party's attorney, while the hourly fee is racking up.  I believe you both should talk to each other under the guidance of a schooled communicator.  I want each party to feel heard.  This makes the process much less painful, as well as, less expensive.  I don’t want my clients wasting precious time and money that could be spent on better things.  Like, bettering themselves, preparing financially for their future and of course their kids.


And as you know (if you know me), not only are divorce mediations less expensive, they take less time and most important to me -- divorcing couples take the high road.  The integrity and pride they feel because, even though it was hard, they did it together giving them momentum to a positive new life:  Making Divorce a great opportunity to learn and grow while discovering communication tools that will help with future relationships! Koski law is easy, affordable and effective, charging a one time flat fee of $3,000 per person.  Lesa Koski will hold your hand from start to finish and beyond.  Getting you the paperwork that you need, the legal information to help you make creative agreements and relief knowing you have everything you need to move forward to a better life after divorce.

Please set up a free consultation with me to see if Divorce Mediation could work for you.

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