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Certified Family & Civil Mediator in Woodbury, Minnesota

civil mediation divorce mediation Oct 10, 2019
Certified Family & Civil Mediator in Woodbury,Minnesota

When your family is experiencing something as monumental and difficult as divorce and/or the many issues that often accompany divorce, the importance of finding and working with a professional with the relevant certifications to serve the interests of you and your family cannot be overstated. Lesa Koski is a Certified Family & Civil Mediator in Woodbury, Minnesota.

Experienced and Qualified Minnesota Family and Civil Mediator

Lesa Koski is certified as a state-qualified neutral, which means that she has gone through the rigorous training to provide the most accurate information and objective mediation to families in transition. Combined with her law degree, Lesa is a highly qualified mediation professional with expertise in the laws of Minnesota that pertain to divorce and family law. The fact that, on top of those qualifications, she is also a certified mediator means that you and your family can expect to proceed through the family and civil mediation process as smoothly as possible. The goal of mediation, of course, is to reach resolution on issues that are currently in dispute. A good mediator, like Lesa Koski, has the skills to help you find common ground with your marriage partner and address conflict in the most productive ways so that your entire family can move forward in the healthiest way possible.

Working with Lesa Koski to resolve difficult family issues translates to being able to see light at the end of the tunnel. She can help you feel hope after a period that might have been characterized by hopelessness and help you see the possibilities of a future with minimal, perhaps even nonexistent, conflict with your former spouse. When hope is present, the prospects of moving forward seem more doable. A certified family and civil mediator uses the experience and expertise she has earned through the hard work of professional training and insights into the motivations of her fellow human beings. By honestly addressing the issues she identifies when working with her clients, she earns their trust. When trust is present between a mediator and her clients, it becomes easier to see the possibilities for resolving conflict.

Move Forward With your Life and Leave Conflict Behind

Trusting in Lesa Koski comes easily to her clients. She communicates kindness, but kindness alone does not resolve conflict in families. Kindness must be combined with experience, knowledge of applicable laws, and professional certification to deliver the services that are necessary for families to reach resolution. To schedule a consultation with Lesa Koski, call us at (651) 214-5057.

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