Elder Law Attorney Woodbury, MN

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Elder Law Attorney Woodbury, MN

Trust is at the heart of all kinds of human relationships — family relationships, friendships, work relationships and even relationships with service providers like physicians and medical staff. Lesa Koski works on elder law, family law mediation issues and bases her interactions on a foundation of trust. She uses her extensive education (Masters in Health and Human Services and Law degree) and her extremely strong communication skills to offer clients in the Woodbury, MN area a comprehensive, compassionate approach to a wide variety of complex and difficult issues facing families. One of her specific areas of expertise is in elder law.

Elder Law Woodbury

Lesa Koski offers the following elder care services to clients in Woodbury, MN:

● Medical Assistance Planning
● Conservatorships
● Development of Health Care Directives
● Establishing A Power Of Attorney
● Guardianships
● Simple Estate Planning

Lesa Koski understands that elder care issues can be extremely stressful for a family and can come on quickly or change in a matter of hours. She can help your family navigate a health event that is unexpected or can help you begin the planning process for an aging loved one. No matter where your family comes from and what your concerns are, Lesa Koski can help you sort through the unique issues that face your family and come up with solutions that work.

Responsive And Convenient Elder Law Support

One of the things that sets Lesa apart from others who offer legal and mediation services in the area of elder care is her willingness to to be flexible about meeting times and is even willing to come to you for a meeting. She has a beautiful office that overlooks the St. Croix River, but is also happy to make a meeting time/location more convenient for you. She even makes house calls. Lesa offers every new client a 30 minute free consultation to get a sense of the issues at hand and allow you to ask questions and get to know her. She will answer your questions clearly, with compassion and provide you with legal advice that is applicable to your unique needs.

In addition to elder law services, Lesa Koski also offers family law services, general mediation services as well as divorce mediation services. For more information or to schedule a time for a free consultation, call 651-214-5057. You can trust Lesa to help you make sense of many complicated life issues.

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