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Elder Law Mediation in Minnesota

elder law mediation Jun 02, 2017
Elder Law Mediation in Minnesota

Elder Law Attorney and Mediator Lesa Koski serving St. Paul, MN and surrounding areas have seen a tremendous increase in the need for Elder Law Mediations. This area of law is near and dear to Mediator Lesa Koski’s heart. This is the field that Lesa began working in 16 years ago when she first began practicing law. Prior to this, Lesa worked with seniors in the home health care setting.

“It is such an interesting field and encompasses so many areas of law. I have always loved this demographic, as I worked with the Elderly prior to attending Law School. It is a special group of people with so much wisdom to share.” Lesa Koski is inspired by the families she meets in Elder Law Mediations

“Even though there are often many conflicts surrounding the elderly family member; I am always blown away by the love and care everyone has for the aging person. Drawing on this shared love can really help steer a discussion in the right direction. Just as Divorce Mediation seems to become more civil when the love shared regarding children is focused on. So too, an Elder Law mediation stabilizes when family members remember they all love and care for the affected person. Although each family member may have different ideas on what is good for the aging person. Focusing on the shared love always helps families’ communication flow in a positive direction.

Elder Law Attorney and Mediator Lesa Koski of Woodbury, MN finds that many end of life issues arise over financial situations; however, she is seeing a rise in issues regarding powers and decision-making capacity of an elderly family member. Often times an elderly client will name a trusted person as Power of Attorney over Finances and Power of Attorney over Healthcare (or a health care directive). These are wonderful tools and Elder Law Attorney and Mediator Lesa Koski highly recommends having these tools in place. “They are simple and cost-effective to create. When these documents are not in place it becomes more complicated and much more expensive”. The Courts need to become involved to name a person to act as a Guardian/Conservator for the elderly person who has become incapacitated.

Even when the above powers are in place unrest can arise. Often families will be in disagreement over what their incapacitated loved one wants and needs. Utilizing an Elder Law Mediator is a very useful tool that can keep these families unified. Mediating/communicating can often clear the air and let individual’s thoughts and ideas be shared. “It is so rewarding when you can keep a family together; in reality this is usually what the Elderly individual would really want more than anything”.

If you do have a Family or Elder Law issue and you feel a mediator/communication specialist could help Attorney Lesa Koski is ready and able to assist. Ms. Koski has a lovely conference room at her office; she is also willing to meet at care facilities when necessary. Please call to connect if you would like more information. 651-214-5057

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