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Mediation Services Near Afton, MN

civil mediation co-parenting Dec 07, 2019
Mediation Services Near Afton, MN

Divorce remains a common part of American life. Despite our best intentions and high hopes, still more than fifty percent of married couples end up getting divorced. Lesa Koski provides expert mediation services in Afton, Minnesota.

Our society once looked on divorced people with a bit of shame. Fortunately, now the tide is turning so that while divorce may still represent the failure of a relationship, it no longer has to be seen as a long-term failure of the couple who have decided to end their relationship. Lesa Koski has dedicated her life to helping people emerge from one of life’s most stressful experiences with a new readiness to take on challenges and inevitable changes. She understands that divorce, while a difficult experience, can be a great opportunity for growth and development. To that end, she offers clients a full range of divorce mediation services. A description of each is below:

Divorce Mediation
Instead of court-based divorce processes, more couples are opting for the help offered by divorce mediators. Mediation is a less expensive alternative to court-based divorces. It also tends to require less time and encourages cooperation and collaboration in the process of ending a marriage.

There are times when couples prefer the benefits of mediation, but with a mediator representing each of them. Lesa Koski is happy to work with a co-mediator to ensure that each person’s interests are represented and the best possible outcomes can be achieved for the divorcing couple.

Divorce Coaching
Sometimes one person in the divorcing couple will request specific help from a divorce coach. Lesa Koski offers divorce coaching services, and if you choose the divorce coaching option, it is important to note that the divorce coach may only work with you. This process is different from other mediation services but can offer important support to one party.

Post-Divorce Mediation
Lesa Koski understands that, even though divorce ends a marriage, the relationship often must continue, especially when a divorcing couple has children. Post-divorce mediation is an opportunity to receive the benefit of Lesa’s mediation skills even after the divorce has been finalized.

Spousal Maintenance
One issue that can occur post-divorce is spousal maintenance. Lesa is qualified to respond to virtually any spousal maintenance issue.

Assistance for unmarried parents and domestic partners
Legally married couples are not the only people who need the help of a qualified mediator. Unmarried parents and domestic partners lack only the legal status that married couples have. They often experience issues that require the same skills that benefit couples seeking divorce.

Mediation Services Near Afton, MN

If you live or work in the Afton, Minnesota area and find yourself wanting more information regarding Divorce Mediation Options, call Lesa at (651) 214-5057 to schedule a time to meet with her.

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