Should We Try Virtual Divorce Mediation?

communication divorce mediation virtual meditation Feb 08, 2021
Virtual Divorce Mediation California

Technology can be both a curse and a gift. You might feel that you and your family spend too much time tied to a computer and/or a device. That may be true. However, there are some important benefits of technology that have helped us navigate one of the most difficult years in our country’s history. Platforms like zoom and facetime have allowed us to see the faces of our friends and loved ones when we could not be together in person. In addition, technology has allowed us to continue to work and accomplish important tasks while social distancing and spending more time at home. Lesa Koski has embraced the use of technology and now offers virtual divorce mediation services to her clients in California who are ready to move forward to resolve a difficult issue but want to stay safe in the process.

Benefits of Virtual Mediation For California Couples

Lesa Koski offers several different types of virtual mediation services to meet your needs. She can complete divorce mediation and post-divorce mediation for couples trying to create or amend a divorce or child custody agreement in CA. You may wonder about the benefits of working with a mediator virtually versus traditional in person meetings. Virtual mediation sessions offer you physical distance, which is important during the COVID-19 pandemic but can also be beneficial because it allows the different parties to remain in different locations. This can help individuals manage their emotions and maintain a healthy perspective during the mediation discussions. Virtual mediation also takes away any barriers keeping you from making it to an in-person session. Right now, given that many people are trying to stay home to slow the spread of COVID, virtual sessions offer a safe alternative.

Experienced Virtual Divorce Mediator In CA

2020 has been a challenging year for many of us. With virtual mediation, you can continue to move forward on issues like divorce, without compromising safety. Lesa has extraordinary communication skills and she brings those to her virtual sessions. Clients have commented that they are surprised how well the new format works and Lesa can also help with filing after the mediation process is complete. For more information about how virtual mediation would work for your situation, call Lesa directly at 651-214-5057.

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