The MN Mediation Advantage When You Decide to Divorce

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Mediation and Divorce MN

When people think about mediation for their MN divorce, they often go for it because there can be significant cost savings. There are so many benefits to mediation that go beyond money. I spoke with Meghan Freed, the Managing Co-Partner of Freed Marcroft, a law firm in Connecticut, this week. We had a great conversation about mediation advantages that I wanted to share here!


First and foremost, if a couple has children, mediation is one of the best approaches to creating a strong co-parenting relationship. When two people can come together and make decisions based on the best interest of their children, it is a win for everyone. Setting aside their differences, frustration, and anger to focus on their children’s needs can benefit the kids in the long run. Remember, children are not choosing the divorce but will be significantly impacted by it. 


Mediation puts the control of scheduling in the parties hands. Choosing the dates for mediation is a huge bonus for those with demanding work schedules, or people who live further apart. It allows people to set up childcare in advance if necessary and request time off of work. Scheduling is in your hands, vs. at the mercy of the court. The couple also gets to decide how much time occurs between sessions, determining how long the divorce process can take (this can vary depending on state requirements). 


Creativity in how you design the separation is another benefit of mediation. The two of you can plan how you will divide assets, custody agreements, and more. If the divorce is taken into court, you often lose the power regarding these items. It is up to the judge how things get divided and who “wins” the custody agreements. Imagine if you didn’t want the family home and your ex did want to stay living there, but the judge decided the opposite. You risk losing decision-making power when you step outside of mediation. 


Another benefit of mediation is the privacy aspect. During mediation, you are in a closed room with the two of you and the mediator. Whatever is discussed in that room stays between the three of you and isn’t common knowledge outside the room. However, if you have to go to court, other people in the room can hear all of your financial details, marital issues, etc. 

There are so many benefits to mediation. If it is an option for you and your ex-I would recommend it. I want to help couples find opportunities and create an experience they can look back on in years to come with positivity and gratitude. Contact me at if you are ready to use mediation for your divorce.  

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