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Understanding the Divorce Process Options in Minnesota

divorce mediation mediated divorce Nov 16, 2019
Divorce Mediation Process Woodbury, MN

If you have decided to pursue a divorce, you have two choices when it comes to how you settle and finalize the terms of your divorce in the state of Minnesota. You can proceed through the traditional litigation process, where you and your divorcing spouse hire divorce attorneys and settle in court, or you and your spouse can hire a divorce mediator and settle your divorce without having to go to keep your case out of court. Each divorce case is unique and couples make individual choices about how to settle their divorce taking all kinds of things into account. Lesa Koski is both a divorce attorney and a divorce mediator in Woodbury, MN and can help you understand the divorce process options.

Divorce Litigation Versus Divorce Mediation

Perhaps the most familiar path for finalizing a divorce is proceeding through the court system. If you decide on litigation, each of you needs to hire the services of a divorce attorney who can represent your individual interests. You then communicate directly with your attorney and he/she negotiates with the opposing attorney working for your spouse. In some cases, the terms of a divorce can be settled between divorce lawyers outside of court, but in many cases, you can expect to appear before a judge about your case. Litigation relies on the schedules of attorneys, the judge and the court, so you can expect it to take several months to finalize.

Mediation is an alternative way to settle the important aspects of a divorce and is now actually recommended by the court system before you even begin litigation. When you partner with a mediator, he/she works as a neutral third party to facilitate discussion between you and your spouse about issues like division of property, child custody and spousal maintenance (also called alimony). While litigation can often pin you and your spouse against each other, increasing the conflict between you, mediation can relieve this conflict, allowing you to find common ground and solutions that work for you.

Navigating your Divorce in Minnesota

Lesa Koski understands how difficult divorce can be for a couple and for a family. She has extensive experience with Minnesota law and can help you settle your divorce using the court system or mediation. She believes that you can find peace through the divorce process. She can explain the pros and cons of each option so that you can have the information that you need to move forward in a way that you can feel confident about. For more information, call Lesa Koski at 651-214-5057.

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