Virtual Divorce Filings

mediated divorce virtual meditation Sep 09, 2020
Virtual Divorce Filings Woodbury MN

Right now, the Minnesota and Wisconsin court systems are allowing couples to file their divorces virtually rather than in person. If a hearing is required, then it can be scheduled by video conference or by phone. The courts understand that this is an extremely difficult time and they are being very accommodating to couples who are trying to move forward with their divorce safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Lesa Koski has moved her divorce mediation services to a virtual format so that couples can more easily settle the terms of their divorce before they file with the court. This means that you can resolve things like how to divide your property, how to share custody of your children and whether you need to factor in spousal support or child support in your divorce agreement.

Virtual Mediation Services in MN & WI

2020 has been a stressful year for so many of us. If you have been considering a divorce during this time, you may feel even more pressure and stress than most. Despite the calls for social distancing, you can safely mediate the terms of your divorce without close contact with your mediator and former spouse. Lesa Koski leads virtual mediation sessions that simply require an internet connection and a convenient time to talk. Lesa focuses her efforts on helping you and your ex find ways to compromise about the terms of your divorce–and to keep your goals and priorities in mind as you navigate the process. If you share children, Lesa pays special attention to helping to reach an agreement that puts your kids first and provides them with the best possible chance of staying healthy through the process.

Experienced Online Mediator

Lesa Koski is an experienced and trained mediator who has been working with couples in Minnesota and Wisconsin for nearly two decades. She understands the stress of divorce on a family and believes that mediation can relieve this stress–instead of building upon it. In addition to being a mediator, she also has a law degree which can help couples with questions about the state law. This puts her in a great position to help you file your divorce with the courts as well. Lesa is a great listener and is compassionate and caring and works to develop trust with her clients. For more information about Lesa’s virtual mediation services or to schedule a time for a virtual consultation, call her at 651-214-5057 or email [email protected].

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