Virtual Post Divorce Mediation

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Virtual Post Divorce Mediation

In an uncertain time when so many things in our lives have grinded to a halt, some essential services are still functioning. Lesa Koski is a trusted local mediator that has transitioned her practice to virtual mediation services, offering post-divorce mediation to families whose divorce is final, but conflict still remains. During the COVID-19 pandemic when families are together more than ever, Lesa has found that virtual mediation services can help resolve issues quickly with less stress.

Mediation Sessions during the COVID-19 Pandemic

When you finalized your divorce, there was no way to anticipate the issues that could arise in the future. Jobs can change, children’s needs change and individual priorities can change. There was certainly no way to predict a worldwide pandemic that would force us toward a spring defined by social distancing, working from home, and concern over contracting COVID-19. In the face of this stress, it is even more important to find ways to work together when it comes to co-parenting your children. Whether the pandemic has impacted your custody agreement, you or your ex has experienced sudden job loss, or one of you is suddenly ill or concerned about contracting the disease, mediation is an excellent tool to resolve the issue you face.

Mediation allows you and your ex to resolve all kinds of issues and sources of conflict even well after divorce, without having to go through the normal litigation process which can take significant time, effort and money. Lesa Koski can schedule virtual mediation sessions quickly, explain the process and begin so that you can settle the dispute and move on with your life. Mediation empowers you and your ex to come to an agreement that works best for all and puts your children first.

Virtual Divorce Mediation Services in MN and WI

Lesa Koski has a family law background and extensive experience as a professional mediator. Her passion is helping families navigate the divorce process, which does not end when the final papers are signed. Post-divorce mediation is equally as important as settling the terms of your divorce. Lesa has successfully translated her skills to virtual mediation sessions, which you can do comfortably and safely from home. Lesa’s excellent communication skills and ability to connect with her clients translate especially well to a virtual meeting.

During this unprecedented time, it is still important to resolve issues that you can safely. Lesa Koski is committed to helping you and your family by offering virtual post-divorce mediation that can resolve issues related to custody, finances or other difficult conflict. For more information, or to schedule a virtual session, call Lesa directly at 651-214-5057.

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