Why Online Mediations are Better for my Clients and Myself

divorce divorce mediation virtual meditation Sep 07, 2022
Why online mediators are better for my clients Woodbury, MN

I love online mediations.  If you would have asked me in 2019 if I ever believed I would be doing the majority of my cases online I would have giggled.  But here we are in 2022 and it is all I do.  I won’t be closing my Woodbury, MN office doors anytime soon.  It’s nice to have brick and mortar-where people can pick up or drop off paperwork if necessary.  Here is why I think virtual divorce mediations are better:


Mediation clients no longer have the stress of heading into an office and sitting next to someone they may have a turbulent relationship with.  My clients love that they can schedule early in the morning from home, over their lunch hour, or from their car if necessary.  There is a calmness and peace that has never been present in an in-person mediation session.  The reason this is such a game changer is divorce and mediations in general are emotional.  We all know that we don’t think well when emotions run high.  That’s why we take a breath, a walk or a break when things get hot.  Virtually communicating gives a person the space to feel and see the other person's reactions in real time, while being in a comfortable calm setting.  That being said, seeing a face is a must for my practice.  Telephone and email mediations can work when necessary:  But it is not optimal.


Virtual mediations are better for my meditation practice because it is better for my clients.  At the same time, I actually have an easier time picking up cues over zoom than when I am sitting next to someone.  I don’t know the science behind it.  I do know that for me, an empathetic communicator, it has been a treasure.  I can watch my clients and get a clearer picture of what is really going on.  And what a joy to be doing it  from my desk in my barn office rather than a stuffy conference room with potent energy.   In addition, in between intense sessions, I can go pet a horse or walk around the block.  This clears my head and makes me an even better peacemaker while  allowing me to accomplish more.  And you know how much I want to serve as many people as I can!

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