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Woodbury Elder Law Mediator

elder mediation family law Aug 19, 2016
Woodbury Elder Law Mediator

Woodbury Divorce Mediator Lesa Koski does more than divorce mediation.  For numerous years prior to becoming a divorce Mediator in Woodbury, MN Lesa Koski practiced Elder Law in the Stillwater area.

While practicing in the field of Elder Law Lesa Koski discovered many underlying family issues that made it difficult for the elderly person to make decisions.  Lesa Koski said she did not have a name for what she was doing; however she now knows it was mediation.

Much of Lesa Koski’s time was spent aiding in the communication between family members, being sure that every person was respectful and heard.  As many of us know there are many issues families deal with when someone is facing aging and or end life decisions.

Elder Law Mediation

Not only does Lesa Koski do Divorce Mediation in Woodbury and Stillwater, she is willing to work in the upcoming mediation field of Elder Law Mediation.  Elder Law Mediation can help keep costs down when disputes arise between adult children regarding their aging parents.

There are many scenarios that cause conflict when our loved ones age.  One very volatile one Lesa Koski has dealt with numerous times is when to take the car keys away.  Many times in these situations the adult children don’t agree with each other or the parent.  When the senior parent has mental capacity they are a big part of the decision making process.  Assisting these clients in finding other options than driving themselves is very important in their autonomy.  It is so important that these clients feel like an independent person.  It is not easy when even your loving child wants to take your freedom away. And yet sometimes it is necessary for the safety of the driver and others.

Although many of us have loving relationships with our siblings, many of us don’t.  It is difficult enough for siblings to come to agreement on how to help an aging parent; it is even more difficult for siblings who are in a tumultuous relationship.  These siblings are forced to interact during a very stressful situation.  Although it would be wonderful if everyone could do there Elder Law planning prior to an actual issue occurring it is often not the case.  And really we can do our best to plan but some things are out of our control and unforeseen.

Mediation is a wonderful tool to assist in these Elder Law situations.  If you are in need of a Divorce Mediator or Elder Law Mediation Service please contact Lesa Koski.  Her office located on the St. Croix River in Bayport, MN is a beautiful retreat and wonderful setting for the mediation experience.  Lesa Koski does make house calls for Elder Law clients unable to travel easily.  Please contact Lesa Koski for Divorce and Elder Law Mediation needs.

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