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Divorce Mediation That Puts Your Family First

child custody civil mediation family law Jul 20, 2017
Divorce Mediation That Puts Your Family First

Lesa Koski offers the invaluable service of divorce mediation for couples whose relationships cannot be salvaged, but who wish to avoid the more traditional and adversarial approach to divorce through the court system. Furthermore, Lesa is one of the foremost experts in both divorce law and mediated divorce, which is a formidable combination for couples who want to find a more peaceful and harmonious approach to the end of their relationship. Family & Civil Mediation (the more formal name of Lesa Koski’s practice) of Woodbury, Minnesota, gives you an alternative to divorce to consider. Lesa Koski is a highly trained mediator who puts your family first. The benefits of divorce mediation over traditional court processes are numerous.

Settling The Terms of Your Divorce Peacefully

A divorce mediator with Lesa’s skills can lessen the feelings of animosity and conflict that can accumulate between individuals who are seeking divorce. Lesa structures her practice on the credo that most people who are divorcing want to end their marriages as peacefully as possible. Court processes tend to be significantly more adversarial, time consuming, stressful and expensive than divorce mediation, so there’s the added benefit of coming through a divorce more quickly with less of a financial burden incurred.

Getting to the point where divorce is as peaceful and inexpensive as possible can be complicated and hard, but when the divorce process is mediated by Lesa Koski, things can become much easier and less stressful. Lesa provides professional, ethical, and empathic support for divorcing couples. She also prioritizes impartiality, which can go a long way toward ensuring a fair outcome for spouses ending their marriages.

Divorce Mediation Puts Family First

Divorce is understandably painful. There is no way around that reality. But the familiar expectations of the divorce process do not guarantee that your experience will be the same. Lesa Koski prioritizes your entire family’s well being. Divorce mediation, by virtue of the mediator’s commitment to neutrality, tries to identify the best possible solutions for all involved. Lesa’s goal is to help all individuals affected by the divorce get through it with minimal negative impact, and often with a much more positive feeling than was expected. She can help even the most intransigent spouse understand the long-term benefit of compromise. If you have children, this quality can be extremely helpful, in that most parents want to make sure that the impact of divorce on their children is minimal.

No one goes into a marriage wanting to see it end in divorce. But life sometimes intrudes and forces us to do things we never expected having to do. If you find yourself in this kind of situation, and if you live in Minnesota, call Lesa Koski at (651) 214-5057 for assistance.

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